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Development of Strategic and Succession Plans are essential to preparing a company for future growth and transition. We specialize in development of these plans for family-owned businesses with the goal transitioning to the next family generation or exit. In addition the Cedar Brook Group can help with the financial planning of the capital event associated with the transition or exit.

Our Approach with Strategic Planning:

You need a Strategic Plan because it sets the direction and establishes priorities for your organization. It defines your organization’s view of success and prioritizes the activities that will make this view your reality. The plan helps management focus on the strategic objectives of the company to drive growth.

  1. Every company is different so our personal assessment with ownership on identifying the objectives is critical.
  2. Development of 3-5 strategic objectives with ownership and management is the foundation of the plan and guarantees coordination throughout the company.
  3. Assessment of the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats within the company and with competitors ensures a 360 degree view within the marketplace.
  4. The Strategic Plan is utilized as a vehicle to assist ownership in determining a course of action for legacy transfer of the business or exit.

Our Approach with Succession Planning:

One of the major purposes of a family succession plan is to aid in maintaining peace within a family during the transfer of leadership and the possible sale of the entire business. For many families and closely held businesses, succession in a family business has been recognized as one of the most complex, frustrating, and demanding business management challenges to be faced.

  • Step 1: Identify key leadership positions
  • Step 2: Identify competency and skills
  • Step 3: Assess current bench strength
  • Step 4: Design and implement career development strategies

With our hands-on approach and experience with family owned companies we can assist ownership in creating a bridge to the future for their company and their family legacy.

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