What We Do

Investment Management

As part of your financial plan, Cedar Brook will create an investment strategy that supports your personal needs and objectives. This strategy is developed by our knowledgeable team who understands the market and seeks to determine the best asset allocation for you.

The first step is to work with you and identify your goals. Each person’s situation is unique so the investment strategy is personalized to fit your financial outlook. We can also review investments you may already have, such as your 401 (k) plan, and make recommendations so that all of your investments are coordinated.

Our team then creates an investment and asset allocation plan based on your goals. After your strategy is implemented, our team will constantly monitor and analyze your investments to adjust to the market cycle.

As your life and the market changes, your investment strategy will need to be adjusted. We are here to provide the modifications needed to remain current with the constantly evolving nature of investments. You can have confidence in our team to continually coordinate and manage your investments so it reflects your current investment strategy and works with your overall wealth management plan.

Corporate Services

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