The Leadership Lever™ Score Card

Every privately-held advisory firm will face a transition at some point. Some principals seek to hire second- or third-generations of rainmakers, others wish to merge with a trusted ally, and others seek to sell their firm and transition themselves out. Some aspire toward a hybrid of all three. This Score Card is intended to help you assess your status quo in these areas. A key aspect of The Humanity Factor™ model is a phase we call The Leadership Lever™. As such, we look forward to facilitating a strategic discussion around key areas in which you aspire for change or progress.
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  • Where does your status quo fit relative to the left and right columns on the scale below? Circle the score that best describes your firm. A score of 1 means you feel closer to the description on the left side. A score of 12 means you feel closer to the description on the right side.

  • The Humanity Factor™
  • Being Part of a Community

    We’re part of a diverse community of professionals who are talented and like-minded. Collectively, we bring a variety of expertise, wisdom and perspectives into the community. We are geographically diverse which allows us to hear what’s happening in our niche, in multiple areas across the country. We’re surrounded by people who think in terms of what’s possible, not what’s impossible.
  • Mine Your Bliss™
  • Ability to Differentiate Ourselves

    We have a Unique Story that’s compelling. We confidently and effectively differentiate ourselves in our conversations and our marketing materials. We finally have the ability to tell our story consistently across all rainmakers and our support teams. We have a distinctive Elevator Talk that’s being used by all rainmakers.
    When prospects and centers of influence hear our story, they get that we’re different, and they clearly grasp our unique approach. Clients embrace our Unique Story as a touchstone for thinking through challenges and opportunities. When they explain our value to others, they speak from the authenticity of their own experiences, thereby naturally using our branded language.
  • Referral Habits and Processes

    We have a consistent process for proactively harvesting the most qualified, inner circle referrals from the clients we wish to duplicate. The process is professional, not salesy, and it’s simple to replicate.
    We have a clear path for filling our junior rainmakers’ pipelines.
    Our referral process allows us to reverse engineer our revenue goals into clear activity goals. We have the ability to track and monitor our goals throughout the year. We have regular access to coaching that helps us improve our skillsets.
  • Ease of Client Service

    Our new, independent model is refreshingly efficient. We were able to make the transition with far less red-tape compared to what our colleagues have experienced elsewhere. The onboarding process was well documented and infused with leadership and support. We had a clear story to tell about the transition, and it gave our clients confidence to move forward with us. Without the previous distractions of bureaucracy, we have more time and energy to focus on servicing clients and building our business.
  • Cultivate Your Contributions™
  • Depth of Planning Capabilities

    We have a time-tested, replicable planning process. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we have adopted a proven methodology. Our community includes an established, well-staffed Planning Department, so we don’t have to do all the work ourselves. There are clear tools and work flows to guide us through each phase.
    We have clear, compelling marketing materials that demonstrate the quality and unique nature of our planning process. It gives us the confidence to market our planning services more actively, and to charge planning fees commensurate with our value.
  • Diversification of Revenue Streams

    We have multiple sources of revenue and feel insulated from any single potential shift in the financial markets, and the legal and tax environments.
  • Breadth of Capabilities

    Our community includes a significant breadth of talent and resources across many core planning, investment and insurance disciplines. There are distinct support teams, and collaborative methodologies available for us to learn new capabilities, or partner with other likeminded professionals.
  • Access to New Learning

    Our community is infused with a like-minded learning environment. There are regularly-scheduled collaborative sessions for our advisors and our support teams. There’s an established university-style curriculum through which we can deepen and diversify our knowledge-base. It is taught by our advisory peers, as opposed to wholesalers or Home Office folks.
  • Access to Management Resources

    Our community supports us in managing any or all of the day-to-day aspects of running our firm. From recruiting, to human resources, to lease management, to payroll and benefits, we can select elements to outsource. Our team feels well-supported and valued in these areas.
  • Quality of Our Technology

    We have real-time access to accurate, integrated data for all of our clients and client accounts. The technology platform is reliable and user-friendly. We received training at the advisory and team level to help us onboard the platform, and integrate our new capabilities into our existing, day-to-day business.
    We have a cutting-edge, integrated technology platform. As part of our larger community, the research and vetting were already in place, and the onboarding of the new systems had already been tested and proven. Also, our community brings economies of scale to our firm, so we reap the rewards of sophisticated systems that are accessible from a cost perspective.
  • The Leadership Lever™
  • Game-Plan for G2 Relationship-Building

    We have created a relationship bridge between our firm and the second-generation of our client families. The next generation understands the history of trust in our relationship, and the significant difference in working with a firm like ours versus others available in the marketplace. They call us with questions and rely on us for support and wisdom.
  • Access to Like-Minded Professionals

    When we face various opportunities or challenges, we rely on our community of professionals that offer relevant wisdom and insight. They provide both the strategic thinking to help us make good choices, and the planning and implementation to achieve our vision.
  • Readiness for Business Succession

    We were led through a strategic process to navigate our choices and understand our options for business succession. We have a clear, documented vision and game plan in place. All of the necessary support is available in terms of recruiting and mentoring rainmakers, merging our firm into a larger organization, or selling and transitioning out. We have access to funding options that make our desired transition feasible and timely.