What is The Humanity FactorTM?

Right Fit Firms

The Humanity Factor CommunityTM

The business of financial planning is one of the greatest professions in the world. We’re fortunate to lead, mentor and educate. And to be instrumental in helping clients navigate essential once-in-a-lifetime decisions with grace and wisdom.

Yet even for those of us who’ve done exceedingly well in this business, the business itself isn’t always easy. Consider another noble profession that requires the best of the best to achieve mastery across such a diverse skillset. Things like management, entrepreneurship and leadership. From technical skills across a half dozen disciplines, to technology, economics and politics. And of course, the most central of all: communication, counseling and relationship-building talent.

Meanwhile, even though the results of our work have the potential to be joyful for our clients, the work itself isn’t easy for them. They come through our doors to protect the most important people in their lives, yet the subject matter that facilitates their aspirations can feel complex and overwhelming.

A New Way Forward

The Humanity Factor Community is a proven affiliation model for firms that find themselves at the center of both the rewards and the challenges of our business. We are a national voice for firms that are passionate about true independence and quality financial planning.

Our model has been decades in the making. We meticulously researched and vetted hundreds of decision points along the way, and we have thrived through the tests of time. The Humanity Factor Community allows firms to focus on their Life’s Work by managing for you, all those things that represent a distraction from the relationships that are central to it.

Mine Your BlissTM

Custom Onboarding Game Plans

Includes vision-casting, business planning, branding support, and training for advisors and team members. The process is supported by advisors, for advisors, as opposed to Home Office employees.

The Humanity Factor™ Unique Story

A proven brand story including a wide array of tools such as Elevator Talk, talking points, touch points, brochures, website and more. Supported by hands-on Brand Coaching to ensure your firm derives ROI from using the tools in your relationships.

The Rain Catcher Referral Process

This process was designed specifically for upper echelon firms working in affluent and well-insulated markets. It has been time-tested over 25-years. It includes comprehensive tools and coaching to increase the quantity, quality and predictability of referral gathering for both senior and junior rainmakers.

Cultivate Your ContributionsTM

Cultivate Today™

Our unique planning methodology is a time-tested five-step process. It’s supported by our tenured Planning Department utilizing thorough work-flows, a variety of analytical and planning software, and a suite of branded discovery questionnaires and collateral materials. Instead of numbers-first-and-mostly, firms are freed up to focus on the relational aspects of planning.

Planning Committee

Our Planning Committee is a governing body that proactively drives strategic advancements and work-flow trouble shooting for planning itself, and all supporting disciplines.

Multi-disciplinary Capabilities

We support firms in offering a diverse set of capabilities.
For individuals these include: financial planning, retirement planning, estate planning and investment management. Our life insurance capabilities are fueled by Cedar Brook Insurance, a proprietary underwriting and acquisition process. For companies, our services include retirement plans, employee benefits, business succession planning and strategic planning.

Cedar Brook University

Structured workshops, Round Tables and semester-long training modules are taught on a peer-to-peer basis by advisors and team members. CBU also fosters a culture of Learning by Walking Around – real-time collaboration with intellectual peers who specialize in a full complement of planning disciplines.

The Leadership LeverTM

Business Succession Support

A thorough, hands-on process including strategy development, recruiting, transition planning and support, training programs and funding options.

Practice Management Platform

A highly efficient, effective suite of business management capabilities that allows firms to free-up mind-share for nurturing relationships. We create a custom suite of services at your firm’s discretion including operations, compliance, payroll, HR, benefits and office leasing.

Integrated Technology Platform

Our in-house IT team provides research, integration and ongoing system management, as well as day-to-day IT support. Platform includes Orion’s Big Data Access and Schwab’s investment reporting alongside planning software, CRM and cloud hosting at a level that would be cost-prohibitive to many individual firms.

Right-fit Firms

  • Focused on the importance of quality financial planning
  • Growth-minded and forward-thinking
  • Desire to become or remain independent while mitigating day-to-day complexity
  • Concerned about business succession
  • Experiencing data fatigue due to the complexity of accessing accurate, comprehensive client information
  • Awareness that things are broken in the Hybrid B/D world, yet lacking the bandwidth to create a solution
  • Interest in being part of a community outside the walls of your own firm

Download The Leadership LeverTM Score Card

If this topic peaks your interest, consider reviewing the Leadership LeverTM Score Card. It’s a powerful tool for helping your firm think through both opportunities and challenges surrounding the next phase in the life cycle of your business. If you’d like to debrief it with an outside thinking partner, please feel free to send your completed Score Card back to us by email. If you prefer to maintain privacy and use it with your team or a study group, we hope you enjoy the journey.