An Update from Cedar Brook

Dear Clients and Friends of Cedar Brook:

We appear to have settled into some level of ‘normalcy’, although in a surreal sort of way.  Self-quarantines.  Social-distancing.  Various testing methodologies.  These terms and procedures very few of us were aware of just a short time ago, now are part of our everyday lexicon.  Given the current situation, all of us here at Cedar Brook wanted you to know that we are thinking about you, praying for you and your family, and continuing to work diligently on your behalf.

We’ve now completed week two of our Work From Home Continuity Plan.  So far the technology has held up and our processes seem to be working well.  All of us, like you, have adopted new work habits and adapted to this new world we are facing.  For the sake of us all, may it end soon so that we can get back to enjoying and learning from each other, and most importantly, get back to meeting with you face-to-face.  Until then, our pledge is to do our utmost to be there for you.

A number of years ago, as part of The Humanity Factor planning process employed here at Cedar Brook, we created what we refer to as “Humanity Hugs”.  Humanity Hugs are a physical reminder to encourage us to take a pause and notice something we are grateful for.  To consider verbalizing gratitude to someone that’s important in our lives.  The idea was to make that expression more lasting by physically giving them a Humanity Hug.  Further, by giving a Hug to those we encounter, perhaps complete strangers, the possibility existed of restoring humanity where it might have been taken away or was lacking.

The underlying anchor is the historic symbolism of the Cedar tree.  Cedar is imperishable; known to be both healing and cleansing.  It’s a tough survivor and a sign of new growth returning to an area.

While we can’t physically give you a Humanity Hug today, in the spirit of this new world order, we thought we’d do it virtually.  The pendant is made of cedar.  And the hands symbolize the hug.  May you receive this virtual gift in the spirit that all of us at Cedar Brook are grateful to you for the honor of allowing us into your lives.  In some small way may it help restore the humanity we currently are missing, and may the cedar do its thing:  help heal our world, cleanse it of this ugly virus and help be that sign of new growth returning to us all.

Stay safe.  Stay healthy.  God bless.


The Humanity FactorTM

When we founded Cedar Brook in 2005, our mission was to overcome a prevailing challenge facing families who wished to plan for and manage their financial affairs. Our industry leads consumers to view planning through a filter of numbers first and foremost.

These number-centric conversations are so hollow it becomes tough to get grounded about what makes sense for you personally. How can a plan truly serve you if it’s developed in a vacuum of context? We believe the solution lies in a philosophy and an approach that we’ve coined The Humanity FactorTM.

Anyone can chase return or design fancy financial products. In contrast, The Humanity Factor is about learning who you are as an individual, husband, wife or parent; as a leader, mentor or philanthropist.

It’s about your relationships, your life’s work, your passions or your contributions. It’s about the families, the advisors and the firm working together toward a common purpose: to honor you as the central figure of your own planning.

Only when we know who you are can we prudently and wisely advise you on where to go.

That’s The Humanity FactorTM.