A Memorial Day Message

Dear Clients and Friends of Cedar Brook:

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of Summer.  While the origins are up for debate, it became an official federal holiday in 1868 celebrated on the last Monday of May (it was called Decoration Day until 1967).  The day itself was created to give us all pause to honor and remember our military personnel who made the ultimate sacrifice for our great country.  That’s why flags are flown at half staff until noon, moments of silence are held and flags are placed on veterans’ graves.  All outward signs that we both remember, and just as importantly, appreciate the sacrifices made by our fallen soldiers.  Memorial Day has traditionally been a wonderful day marked by parades and carnivals, cookouts with family and friends, and the welcoming of the beginnings of summer warmth in the air.  All appropriate ways to honor and celebrate the sacrifices of our great soldiers.

This year will be notably different.  Our parades are cancelled.  Maybe some appropriately social distanced backyard barbecues will be held, yet most will be skipped.  Not one of us has ever experienced this kind of Memorial Day.  Pretty sure we never want to again!  Maybe, though, we can use this Memorial Day as an opportunity.  Use it in these uncertain times to focus a bit more on the certainty of its’ original purpose:  to honor our fallen.  It is in that spirit the attached video is presented.  May it bring a smile to your face and draw a tear from your eye.  May it provide a time to reflect on our great fortune to live in these United States of America.  May that reflection include thanks to our fallen heroes.  They deserve our thanks.

From all of us here at Cedar Brook, we wish you and your family a wonderful, reflective and thankful Memorial Day.

Stay safe.  Stay healthy.  God bless.  And may God continue to bless our fallen heroes.


The Humanity FactorTM

When we founded Cedar Brook in 2005, our mission was to overcome a prevailing challenge facing families who wished to plan for and manage their financial affairs. Our industry leads consumers to view planning through a filter of numbers first and foremost.

These number-centric conversations are so hollow it becomes tough to get grounded about what makes sense for you personally. How can a plan truly serve you if it’s developed in a vacuum of context? We believe the solution lies in a philosophy and an approach that we’ve coined The Humanity FactorTM.

Anyone can chase return or design fancy financial products. In contrast, The Humanity Factor is about learning who you are as an individual, husband, wife or parent; as a leader, mentor or philanthropist.

It’s about your relationships, your life’s work, your passions or your contributions. It’s about the families, the advisors and the firm working together toward a common purpose: to honor you as the central figure of your own planning.

Only when we know who you are can we prudently and wisely advise you on where to go.

That’s The Humanity FactorTM.