401(k) vs Roth IRA

As told to Plain Dealer reporter Teresa Dixon Murray

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The Question: Am I better off putting money in a Roth IRA or contributing to my 401(k)? I thought there was some advantage for Roth IRAs this year. If not, is there a rule of thumb?

The Answer: The answer isn't one versus the other -- it's a better understanding of both. A fundamental difference is that you contribute to a Roth IRA with money you've already paid taxes on, and withdrawals then are free from future taxes, while the 401(k) accepts pretax dollars, and distributions are then subject to tax. The other distinction: Roths don't have required minimum withdrawals starting at age 701/2.

You may be able to contribute to both vehicles, depending on your income and use of other retirement plans. Roths have specific contribution limits based on income and age; 401(k)s sometimes have contribution restrictions based on your co-workers and your salary.

The "advantage" you are referring to this year is that Roth contribution limits have a single-year waiver for this calendar year. Anyone can contribute for this year only, regardless of income level. Thus, many investors are considering converting other IRA account balances to a Roth to gain tax-free treatment on those dollars at retirement. However, taxes on a Roth conversion are due up front, so consult your tax or financial adviser for an analysis on this possibility.

Another important distinction is that the 401(k) is an employee-sponsored plan. It is governed by plan documents and offered as a benefit by an employer, often with a company match on contributions. The plan sponsor determines investment choices, match levels and even vesting levels. The Roth, on the other hand, is an individual retirement account, with much more control offered to you, the investor. However, it does not offer a match or other fiduciary benefits like the 401(k) plan.

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